STOMP: Ambassador’s Theatre, London WC2 – 16 November 2017 – 3.00 p.m

We are organising a school trip to see a matinee performance of “Stomp” on 16 November 2017 and all
Year 8 boys are invited to apply for tickets. This is an imaginative and exciting musical production
which will complement the work the boys are doing in class this year. I am sure that everyone who
attends will have a wonderful afternoon

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There will be a trip on the above dates for Year 8 pupils enabling them to study river features and coastal defences which are part of the Geography syllabus for this year group.


Departure will be from the Lower School at 9.00am by coach and return to the Lower School around 5.30pm.  Pupils should bring a packed lunch.  School uniform need not be worn but please wear suitable clothing for potentially adverse weather conditions and (i) a 1½ hour walk along the River Stour from Dedham to Flatford Mill (the path may be muddy so a second pair of old trainers would be useful) (ii) a 1 hour walk along the seafront at Clacton to see the coastal defences.  If time allows, there will be an opportunity for pupils to spend some time on the pier at Clacton.

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