ADT Department – Hawkwood Plant Nursery Trip

On Friday 4t h May, a group of year 10 GCSE Food Prepara on and Nutri on students, visited the Organiclea Coopera ve at Hawkwood Plant Nursery in Chingford. The nursery is an organic plant nursery and food growing produc on site run by a dedicated team of growers and volunteers, encouraging more food growth in London. The produce grown, is sold through local market stalls and to community food projects.

During the visit the students a ended a growing workshop and discussed the importance of respec ng and using land to grow food. They visited the extensive glasshouses, beehive area, fruit growing orchards, kitchen garden and were also able to sample some of the produce. The students also completed a seed sowing exercise, plan ng some runner beans

This trip, organised by the ADT Department, enabled the boys to gain an insight into the benefits of the school growing its own produce. They were also able to understand how this links to other curriculum areas such as Science, Geography and Ci zenship, enables them to gain life skills, makes them environmentally aware and also encourages good health and well-being.

Hawkwood Nursery: Plants and People

STEM Engineering competition at RAF Henlow

These boys went to compete in the STEM Engineering competition at RAF Henlow.

Lloyd Anthony

Fahd Khan

Ethan Dupoy

Bradley Ismali

They had to create a rocket car from scratch.
They came an excellent 3rd out of 12 teams and only missed out by a 10th of a second.
The were great ambassadors for the school and Yr 7

Well done boys.

A Poem by Tommy Emery

Year 7 boys were asked to present a fact file about Hinduism for their RE homework project; this could be done in a variety of media. Tommy Emery (with a little help from his mum) produced this brilliant poem. A very thoughtful and fact abundant piece indeed. Well done Tommy, you certainly have applied yourself with our school motto in mind.


Mr Khan


Listen up, this is for you if you’re feeling stressed, life full of hassle, you’re sad and depressed

forget your xbox fixes, ain’t no instant karma, you need to get into the Sanatana Dharma.

Also known as Hinduism, the eternal way, this religion’s  amazing- hear what I say:

They got rituals, cosmology, textual resources,

a thousand gods and goddesses- it’s horses for courses-

Vishnu, Lakshmi, Shiva, Parvati,

not forgetting Brahma and Saraswati.

Lakshmi will shower you with treasures from above, Shiva will transform things, Parvati brings love.

Each of them is different, but they’re all the same – in the Ultimate Reality- Brahman is its name.

Okay. Once you’ve mastered all the deities,

Here come the Purusarthas to tell you ’bout the way it is:

Dharma- duty, artha- work

do what’s right and never shirk.

Kama – passion, moksha – freedom, karma- actions (you’re gonna need ’em)

Samsara – the cycle of rebirth

Yoga- the paths to walk on this earth.

The Bhagavad Gita says there’s bad and good in every single one of us -that’s understood.

But the 1.15 billion who call themselves Hindus practice eternal duties- let’s give them ‘their dues-

honesty, compassion, restraint and patience – come on, let’s try it- you know it makes sense!



UKMT Maths team challenge

On the 22nd of March the regional finals of the UKMT Maths team challenge took place at Pimlico academy.  The Challenge is a competition that gives students the opportunity to tackle a variety of engaging mathematical activities while developing teamwork and communication skills. The Enfield Grammar team was made up from  Adam Demou, Matthew Parker, Lewis Pummell and James Purnell.  The team performed admirably, gaining an impressive 30% increase in ranking compared to the previous year (even more impressively, the team had worked out this percentage increase for themselves).  They enjoyed themselves immensely and the whole team would like to take part again as they are sure they can do even better.