Enfield Grammar Sixth Form Transition Day 2018

The transition day was very successful and students engaged effectively with the programme. The Summer Tasks for every subject will soon be uploaded to the school website. Please click on “Sixth Form” then “Year 12 Summer Tasks 2018”, if it does not say 2018 they have not yet been updated from last year. Students need to complete these tasks in time for their first lesson in September.


Please click here for full details


Due to public exams commencing from today, the Sixth Form House will be closed until further notice. As a result Year 13 timetabling will begin for year 12.


All supervised private study is now cancelled, but students MUST be using this time to revise at home. Remember we expect a minimum of Ds in these exams and grades within 1 grade of those that students expect us to predict us on UCAS/Apprenticeship applications. i.e. C’s for predictions of B’s. B’s for predictions of A’s.

This will mean that students will no longer be able to access the Common Room. If they wish to revise the library will be available, in addition to the Student Support Area in Lower School, which has will be made available to students who wish to come to remain in school during 1-3. There are also 3 computers available.

Boys will now be required to use the main entrance and exit when coming in and out for break and lunch. The Sixth Form bell, will be disabled.

Students will not be expected to attend registration, unless they have a lesson period 1. Friday assembly and Progression will remain as normal unless otherwise instructed.

Ms E Igbokwe

Head of Year 12

Teacher of Citizenship and Politics