CGP MFL 2018-19 revision guides for Y10

Year 10 MFL GCSE Revision Guides for the Grade 9-1 Course (starting in 2018 for exams in 2020)

As a Modern Foreign Languages Department we are highly committed to ensuring that our students are fully prepared for their GCSE exams. In order for them to achieve this, we advise that you purchase the CGP AQA Complete Revision and Practice as well as the CGP Exam Practice Workbook, at a reduced cost of £16 (RRP £35.70) for the French set and £14 (RRP £33.70) for the Spanish set, which will benefit the pupils by guaranteeing they will effectively access the information contained in them such as grammar tips, vocabulary
and exam skills:

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We are able to offer you the opportunity to take a community language GCSE at the end of this academic year. The languages we can offer are:


  • GCSE Turkish – OCR J737 TBA
  • GCSE Polish – AQA 4685 TBA
  • GCSE Portuguese – OCR J736 TBA
  • GCSE Greek – Edexcel 2GK01 TBA
  • GCSE Bengali – AQA 4635 TBA