Art & Design at Enfield Grammar School fundamentally teaches the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, enabling students to produce works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. We are committed to a high quality of teaching and learning, enabling every student to do well. We offer a variety of opportunities to enrich their creative learning, such as visits to Galleries & Museum, Exhibitions, life drawing, meeting professional Artists and Art Clubs.

Art & Design is taught to all boys at KS3 through a variety of structured projects which focus on specific skills. We encourage pupils to gain an enhanced awareness of their surroundings and think analytically about what they see. Students develop skills in handling different materials and mastering different techniques. There is also a strong element of contextual studies attached to each project/theme. Pupils are encouraged to look at other artists and designers and to analyse their ideas and techniques.

At KS4 we offer GCSE Art and Design and at KS5 AS/A2 GCSE Art and Design. Studies at these key stages are continued and there is an opportunity for pupils to work far more independently so that individual solutions are evident. Projects/themes take on a more thematic enquiry, with emphasis placed on understanding, creativity, imagination, originality and skill. The way in which pupils originate, research, develop and refine their work is important as this results in more interesting conclusions.

At KS5 there are 2 units of work for AS level in year one and 2 units of work for A2 level in year 2. For both GCSE and AS/A level, a final exhibition of pupils’ coursework and timed test work, is displayed in the spring term.



Facilities for teaching Art & Design consist of 3 large rooms, within the upper and lower schools, with an additional small room, suitable for pottery, plaster and 3D work. A kiln is housed next to this room, which gives the opportunity for boys to produce ceramics. Students have access to computers, scanners & colour printers, which are stationed in each of the main rooms.

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