At Enfield Grammar School we offer a varied and engaging programme of study in English for boys in years 7 to 9, which consists of five Core Units. These reflect the skills and knowledge described in the National Curriculum.

The Core Units are:

  • Unit 1 – Story Telling and Narrative
  • Unit 2 – Analytical Writing and Language Analysis
  • Unit 3 – Literary Heritage
  • Unit 4 – Argument, Persuasive Writing and Spoken Language
  • Unit 5 – Spelling and Grammar

These units are assessed repeatedly throughout each year through extended written assessments, end of term tests and end of year examinations. This gives us a clear picture of how your son is progressing and enables us to identify targets quickly.

The Core Units are revisited throughout the three years of Key Stage 3 and the emphasis is on boys’ progress in the different skills. Students’ attainment for each assessment, in relation to their projected Key Stage 4 achievement, is recorded on the assessment stickers in the front of boys’ exercise books and our school reporting software, Go4Schools.

Assessment in Key Stage 3:

  • Instead of the old National Curriculum Levels, boys’ progress will be measured using the number grades (1-9) which have been introduced for the new GCSEs.
  • Boys’ progress will be closely monitored in relation to expectations based on Key Stage 2 testing and CATs tests sat in Year 7. Expected progress will be linked to their likely end of GCSE grade in English – the number (1-9) which can be found on the assessment sticker at the front of boys’ exercise books.
  • What these numbers mean in relation to boys’ work and progress is outlined in the Threshold Descriptors document. Put simply there are four thresholds: Excellence (7-9), Secure (5-6), Developing (3-4) and Foundation (1-2). These descriptors outline the key skills and knowledge boys will need to develop throughout KS3 and are common for boys from Year 7 to Year 9.
  • Teacher comments on boys’ work will indicate whether boys are making expected progress or where work demonstrates below or above expected progress.
  • Most work will be done in boys’ exercise books. Where boys have been required to work on paper or handouts these will also be attached to their exercise books unless used for display. Boys need to come to English lessons with their exercise book and to take pride in the work that goes into it.