AS & A Level English Literature  (exam board: EDEXCEL)

Specification Code: 9ETO

We have chosen the EDEXCEL course for two main reasons: firstly it offers an attractive range of texts and real freedom when it comes to the course work essay in Year 13; and secondly all of the reading and work students do for the AS in Year 12 is also part of the assessment for the full A Level at the end of Year 13.

AS English Literature
The intention is that all students will sit the AS exam. This no longer counts towards the final A Level assessment but will also serve as a rigorous mock exam towards the end of Year 12.

Component 1 – Drama and Poetry

  • Leads to a 2 hour exam / two essays
  • 60% weighting (of AS)
  • Drama text will be A Streetcar Named Desire and the Poetry will be from the Poetry of the Decade anthology

Component 2 – Prose

  • Leads to a one hour exam / one comparative essay on a studied theme
  • Chosen theme is Childhood (see list below) and the texts are Atonement by Ian McEwan (Post-1900) and Hard Times by Charles Dickens

Boys will be provided with all of the relevant texts which we would encourage them to take ownership of. It is vital they come to all lessons with their copy of the various texts and build up detailed annotations.

A Level English Literature

* The texts in brackets are the likely choices for the set texts. The full A Level re-visits parts of the AS Level but obviously adds two extra units.

Component 1 – Drama

  • One Shakespeare play (Othello)
  • One other play – tragedy or comedy (A Streetcar Named Desire)
  • Leads to final exam – 2 hours 15 minutes / 2 essays / ‘open book’ (this means you are given a clean copy of the text in the exam)

Component 2 – Prose

  • Students study two texts from a chosen theme (one text must be pre-1900)
  • Leads to a one hour exam / one essay

Choice of themes:

  • Childhood (our chosen theme – studied in Year 12)
  • Colonisation and its aftermath
  • Crime and detection
  • Science and Society
  • The Supernatural
  • Women and Society

Component 3 – Poetry

  • Poems of the Decade: An Anthology of Poetry 2002-2011
  • One selected poet – probably one from The Less Deceived by Philip Larkin or T S Eliot Selected Poems
  • Leads to 2 hours 15 minutes exam / 2 essays / ‘open book’

Component 4 – Course work essay

  • One extended comparative essay (2500-3000 words) on two texts (teacher/student choice) linked by theme, movement, author or period.