Year 12 (AS Examinations):

Year 13 (A2 Examinations):

KEY STAGE 4 GCSE Geography

Exam Board: AQA

What Will I Learn?
The course will provide a balanced coverage of physical, environmental and human aspects of the subject. The course is divided into three units:

Unit 1. Physical Geography
The topics covered are Water on the Land; the Coastal Zone; and the Restless Earth

Unit 2. Human Geography
The topics covered are Population Change; Changing Urban Environments; and Tourism.

Unit 3. Local Fieldwork Investigation
Controlled assessment based on one of the field trips offered during the course. Currently there are field trips to Dorset and to Central London.

How Will I Learn?
A range of teaching and learning methods will be used. For example: pair and group work; studying written and audio-visual resources; role-play; practising writing skills and fieldtrips

How Will I Be Assessed?