Graphics Products explores the use of a range of materials and techniques when creating and realising a variety of products. Students are given opportunities to model and make practical outcomes which meet a specific client brief. They are taught to analyse existing products and the properties of digital graphics. Through research and an understanding of colour application, spatial concepts, design and the manipulation of graphic materials students are able to produce appropriate and original products.

Graphics Products is taught to all KS3 boys at Enfield Grammar School in years 7 & 8 through a selection of client brief based projects focusing on different key skills. The use of ICT and CAD/CAM is encouraged in order to keep students abreast with ever changing technologies and software packages.

At KS4 we offer GCSE Design & Technology Graphics Products which consists of 2 units. Unit 1 is a written paper with a weighting of 40% and Unit 2 is a design and making practice task with a weighting of 60%. Students are able to work more independently and have the opportunity to choose the materials and processes including CAD/CAM which they wish to use when realising their graphics product.

At KS5 we offer AS & A2 AQA Design & Technology : Product Design (3D) (2550)



Facilities for teaching Graphics Products consists of 2 large Graphics classrooms one of which is a fully equipped computer suite and the other room also provides some access to computers.

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