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In Y11 pupils

Complete the study of their AQA GCSE RS Full Course A – (8062).  looking at the following topics: Existence of God –  Miracles.- Revelation –

Please note: There is no course work in RS GCSE


In Y10 pupils

Those pupils who chose to study RE GCSE will be completing their AQA GCSE RS Full Course A – (8062). They will be looking at origins and value of human life, Christian and Islamic forms of worship; Islamic 5 Pillars and 10 obligatory acts; Christian prayers; Sacraments and Eucharist; Christian and Muslim festivals and the role of religions worldwide. For more information visit:


In Y9 Pupils

start studying their AQA GCSE RS Full Course A – (8062). They study Morality and Ethical issues looking at themes related to war, peace, conflict and human rights. Pupils also study religions focusing on Christianity and Islam. For more information visit:


In Y8 Pupils Study:

Ultimate Questions (truth, evidence, proof, reason and faith) – Science and Religion – Limits of Science – Immortality – Rights and Wrongs and ideas about Justice. For more information visit:


In Y7 pupils study:

Ultimate Questions (Philosophical Questions): Truth, Belief, Evidence, Existence of God, Knowledge of God and ideas about God. Pupils also learn about some religious Festivals and celebrations: Harvest Festival, Diwali, Christmas, Easter, Passover and Ramadan. They study religions through Religious Fact Files investigating and developing extended learning about and from Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism & Sikhism. For more information visit:


Please note: There is no course work in RS GCSE. Pupils will be sitting for their exams towards May and June (dates to be confirmed). Although each paper represents a Short Course, together they comprise a Full GCSE standard. RS GCSE is highly regarded in the best universities in the UK.