Resistant Materials is the study of woods, metals, plastics and other composite materials including smart materials and nanomaterials. Resistant Materials helps students develop the ability to design and make products with creativity and flair using a range of materials and techniques. They are taught to recognise the properties, working characteristics of these materials as well as learning to take into consideration sustainability, social, cultural, moral and environmental issues.

Students develop high level thinking skills such as critical analysis and evaluation of their own ideas and existing products. We encourage an awareness of the latest technologies used in CAD/CAM and introduce students to these techniques and processes. The Health and safety of our students is of the upmost importance at Enfield Grammar School and they are taught to be vigilant and assess risks during all practical lessons.

Resistant Materials is taught to all boys at KS3 in years 7 & 8 through a variety of structured projects which focus on specific skills. We teach the fundamental key skills needed when working with wood, plastic and metal, systems and control/electronics as well as general Health and safety within the workshop environment.

At KS4 we offer GCSE Design & Technology Resistant Materials which consists of 2 units. Unit 1 is a written paper with a weighting of 40% and Unit 2 is a design and making practice task with a weighting of 60%. Students are able to work more independently and have the freedom to choose the materials and processes including CAD/CAM which they wish to use when realising their product.

At KS5 we offer AS & A2 AQA Design & Technology : Product Design (3D) (2550)


Facilities for teaching Resistant Materials consist of 2 large workshops located at the lower school and includes a well equipped heat processes room used for brazing, welding, casting and enamelling. We also have access to computers an A3 colour printer and a Lazer cutter.

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