Vocational Education Student Induction Booklet 2017/2018

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What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is attempting to pass off other people’s work and ideas as your own.
Plagiarism can include:
• copying from another learner copying from books or the internet
• paraphrasing
• subcontracting the work to someone else
• submitting the same piece of work for two different purposes

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I hope the information contained within this website provides a useful and helpful insight into the life and work of the various strands of Vocational Education at Enfield Grammar School. Learning and achievement are central to our work. Our philosophy is that all children can be successful learners and that all are capable of achievement. We aim to provide learning experiences and an environment that allows all students to succeed.We are forward looking and constantly seeking to improve in order to offer a first class education, in the widest sense, for all of our students. The school has a very good vocational education record. Significant numbers of our students achieve at the very highest levels at the end of Year 11 and Year 13, with a significant number of Year 13 students continuing their education at university.

Fatima Pabani

Head of Vocational Education

What is a vocational qualification?

A vocational qualification is a recognised qualification at any level relating to a particular line of work or specific job role. These qualifications have an emphasis on the assessment of practical skills and knowledge. Examples include BTECs, City & Guilds, NVQ/SVQ, OCR Nationals, Apprenticeships, HNC/HNDs, VRQs, degrees with a largely vocational content and professional qualifications awarded through a recognised professional body.

Why are Vocational Qualifications necessary?

Michael Gove’s response to the Wolf Report hailed vocational learning as an “essential part of a broad curriculum”. Vocational qualifications have never been more important to the economy and the individual; they deliver the trained, talented employees businesses are crying out for and ensure young people have the skills needed to succeed in education and work. By combining high quality practical and vocational learning equally alongside academic study we will ensure that young people are offered the many paths to success leading to:

  • Further study, e.g. University or further VQs
  • Greater job prospects
  • Enhanced skills/knowledge
  • Higher pay
  • Equip the UK’s future workforce with the skills to be successful in the modern economy


BTEC Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration Policy

Voc Ed Appeals and Malpractice/Plagiarism Policy