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The aim of the Media Studies department at Enfield Grammar School is to prepare each of our students to know and understand:

  1. The mass media in all its broad and narrowcast forms
  2. The processes of communication
  3. How to be more discerning in their future consumption of media texts
  4. How to engage in the debates and issues that are embedded in texts
  5. How to engage in the debates and issues that are part of wider contexts and critical perspectives such as art, architecture, sociology, psychology, history, politics, business, economics and technology.

In short, Media Studies is a complex area of study which encompasses and transcends a multitude of intellectual disciplines; it is not a load of sitting around and watching the telly!

The media is a powerful and dynamic force in our modern society. The media, and its systems of communicating with human beings all around the world, is a rich and compelling area of investigation; it informs us of who we are, what we might be and what other people might be thinking and doing. In some (very recent) cases the media, quite literally, encourages change and development and shapes and defines us and our lives.

Media Studies courses can cover a range of different forms or media. The mass media consists of film, television, magazines, newspapers, DTP, the internet and information-retrieval systems, radio, advertising and marketing, etc. We use the Key Media Concepts such as Media Language, Representation, Audience, Representation, Ideology, Institution, Genre and Narrative. These key concepts help students to apply theories and frameworks that will help them unlock meaning that has been carefully placed into the text. In Media Studies, nothing is arbitrary everything is carefully constructed to communicate a set of ideas and meaning in a particular way.

Students at EGS study some parts of the media during the delivery of KS3 and KS4 English. It is taught as a discrete subject after Y9 when students choose it as an option. Media Studies is taught in a dedicated suite with 20 brand-new desktop PCs and 5 iMacs, all of which are geared up to handle large file formats and also to edit film using Apple’s Final Cut Express. Students at EGS realise that practical work complements their theoretical studies and allows them to present their ideas, thoughts and expressions about the world around them, through a media form, or text.