This is a creative project for Students, Teachers & Support Staff to get involved in.

With us all being even more aware of nature and our surroundings over the last few weeks, we thought it would be nice to create a school album filled with “Our Natural World Visions Throughout Lockdown”. This project is a mix of science, art and wellbeing and will run alongside the EGS Factor Competition, qualifying for the photography category.

The easing of road, sea, river, air and pavement traffic has seen a rise in activity from the creatures that inhabit these parts of our earth but are kept away due to human habitation – from jellyfish swimming up the once very polluted canals in Venice, mountain goats walking the streets in Wales, raccoons in Central Park New York, jackals out in Tel Aviv to a deer seen crossing a pedestrian crossing in Japan!

As well as the animal world being more active, we have had time to watch the wonders of Spring take hold; trees coming back to life, flowers blooming and insects (bees & butterflies) that help pollinate our plant species.

Create your own collage of photos or pictures that have caught your interest. Think about shape, light, colour, texture, how it makes you feel…..You can add words, filters, borders, anything you feel like. We have added some examples that Mrs Burke and Mrs Field have created.

We hope you enjoy taking part and creating your natural world visions in this project and we very much look forward to seeing them!….Get Creating!

**There will be merits for the first 20 projects we receive in!!**

See Daily Notices & Wellbeing Google Classroom & RealSmart for more details.

Here are some examples from Mrs Burke & Mrs Field:

We will be putting some up on our website and social media channels but will only use your first name and form year on anything we show.