The majority of examinations for this Academic Year will take place from 11th May until 26th June 2015. A timetable will be made available when specific entries are determined in the Spring Term by the School. Accompanying documents and correspondence will also be made available on this website to current parents.

Students are supported robustly by the teaching staff at the School. We make provision for students by booster sessions, revision classes and materials to assist with exam preparation. Enfield Grammar also facilitates this by having targeted sessions that take place during Term Holidays between February and May.

For student specific issues, please contact the Examinations Officer, Mr G Stibbs.


Last year (2012/13) the school achieved 67% 5+ A*-C including Maths and English at GCSE level.

This year (2013/14) the school achieved 68% 5+ A*-C including Maths and English at GCSE level.