Progression & Enrichment

At Enfield Grammar School, we believe that Sixth Form is not just about enabling student to achieve the best qualifications, but also preparing students for the challenges of both Higher Education, Apprenticeships/Training and a Future Career.

Students will receive weekly Progression Hours designed to support their development, support in their transition to the next stage of your education or employment and develop core skills important for Sixth Form study and beyond.

They will also be provided with enrichment opportunities, such as guest lectures, masterclasses, excursions and networking opportunities designed to broaden their experiences, engage them in areas of interest, and support students in becoming more active members of the community. In June, students will participate in a progression week, the aim of which is to prepare them for UCAS and Apprenticeship admissions. A sample timetable and resources are shown below.

Progression Week Overview Example

Progression & Enrichment Gallery