On Wednesday 20th June, as part of ‘School Food Matters’ a professional chef, Ruth

Quinlan, visited Enfield Grammar School’s Food Department. During the workshop, students were able to view a cookery demonstration using fresh, homegrown produce, linking to the ‘Grow Your Own’ Initiative at school. The boys were then able to use the skills that they had learnt during the demonstration to prepare and cook the dishes themselves. They made Sookhe Aloo (spicy, sauteed potatoes) and Carrot Koshumbir (a fragranced coleslaw) served with Raita (flavoured yoghurt). Mrs Broadley is pictured above, showing off the food! Once completed, the boys were able to sample what they had cooked and take away a recipe to try out at home. The boys were all very enthusiastic, showing good team working and gaining a good experience of simple yet tasty vegetarian dishes.